Implementing cellular manufacturing to improve product efficiency

Implementing cellular manufacturing to improve product efficiency
Cameron Hutchinson
BSc (Hons) Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
Newcastle College University Centre

The purpose of this study is to identify what manufacturing systems and processes can be implemented to help improve product efficiency and capacity. Rob Coopers Stage Gate can be used to schedule out the project and act as a risk management aid whilst going through with the project. A Gantt chart can also be used to help keep track of timescales and set important task to ensure that the project is a success. Research into Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques has been conducted to help eliminate the wastes within the manufacturing process and give the best understanding of what tools can be used to strive for improving product efficiency. A Value Stream Map was completed to help discover the nonvalue- adding operations within the current process and how implementing a manufacturing cell is the best tool use to mitigate these unnecessary issues. The overall aims and objectives of this study have been met as the lead time can be a third of its current state.

KEYWORDS: Manufacturing, Engineering, Mechanical, Product efficiency