Seven Bridges Vol. 7 (2019)

Edited by Hannah Hall and Araw Hussein


Welcome to the seventh volume of the Seven Bridges. This journal is a fully student lead project. It provides opportunities and experience for students who are preparing to break into the professional world. Nothing looks better on a CV than being a published writer.

The experience gained from working either as an editor, peer reviewer, or as a writer for the journal is worth that little bit of extra hard work, to anyone reading and wondering whether to get involved, do it! Seven Bridges journal provides not only professional growth but personal too.

A project of this size takes a huge team to pull it together and that’s why we want to thank, firstly all of the writers; putting your work forward is sometimes the hardest bit and you did it so well done, without all your hard work and dedication Seven Bridges would not be possible. Secondly all of our peer reviewers taking time out of ridiculously busy work schedules to help us get ready to publish and finally to Laura Gower and Emily Rowson for your constant support and guidance throughout this project.

We hope you enjoy this journal as much as we did creating it.

From your Seven Bridges Editors,
Hannah Hall and Arwa Hussein


Dyeing for Textiles: The impact textiles manufacturing has on livelihoods and the environment
Michelle Mia Malone

HE Vs. NGB: A coaches’ perspective
Jennifer Davison and Paul Whitfield

The influence of low socioeconomic status backgrounds on individual’s uptake of physical activity age eighteen to twenty-four with the help of sports facilitators within Newcastle
Ahmed Bilal

Theoretical concepts that sport coaches need to demonstrate the coaching process effectively
Ahmed Bilal

The effects of nutrition/exercise intervention on perceived stress and anxiety in Newcastle College Students
Laura Knight, Charmaine Ho, Chris Clayton & Nicole Scissons

2700 No.1 Press PLC Upgrade
James Lawson

Security door access; research of biometric systems for use in a multi-site facility
Lisa Robson

Paper Machine 2: power transformer non-linear loading and harmonic distortion
Daniel Henderson

Implementing cellular manufacturing to improve product efficiency
Cameron Hutchinson

Automotive material joins: the advantages of methodical joint selection
Jamie Oliver

System change in the workplace: evaluating a failing system and the surround processes and implementing a successful change in the work place
James Baker