Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualisation

Heather Broadley

FdSc Networking and Security
Newcastle College


Literature indicates that there are many advantages of virtualization, from the roles of network applications, to the controls and security. Network users must be compliant with ISO 27000 using all or some of the recommendations set out in ISO 27002. This is a major consideration for any companies but especially those dealing with sensitive customer information. Having tight control over staff is just as important as having a secure network. Research shows that there are a variety of good practices that can be considered when setting up a network for a new or existing company. For example, tools, reports and latest server configurations can used to assist when setting up domains, policies and security. Documentation of a network is one of the most important things any organisation must do for its staff, or they will have no records of how things are configured.

KEYWORDS: Compliancy, LAN Server, Security, Virtualisation.

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Article Data:

  • Author: Heather Broadley
  • Title: Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualisation
  • Issue: Seven Bridges Vol. 6 (2018)
  • Publication date: 05/07/18