Seven Bridges Vol. 6 (2018)

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Edited by Juliana Gallio & Ian Johnston


I have been asked several times what is the point of writing an article for publication in an academic journal such as Seven Bridges. Surely in 2018 to get your writing out to as wide an audience as possible, it would be better to post a blog or write a less formal article for LinkedIn or other social media platforms is a commonly voiced opinion. As undergraduates, as most of this year’s contributors are, there are some hugely positive reasons why being part of the Seven Bridges academic community is truly valuable.

From a practical perspective, the authors provide themselves the opportunity to hone formal writing skills. Working hard to understand condensing a larger piece of work into something small whilst still being meaningful, readable and informative is a huge advantage when composing assignments and dissertations. Additionally, with admission to postgraduate courses and, ultimately employment, being increasingly competitive having the opportunity to demonstrate one’s academic capability can only improve both short-term and long-term prospects for our authors.

For this sixth edition we have been a compact, student led editorial team, comprising myself and Juliana Galliano, ably assisted by our research mentor (Joe Fletcher) and a small army of peer reviewers. It is our intention that, for 2018, distribution and promotion of Seven Bridges is more wide ranging than previously as we continue to grow. For the first time Seven Bridges is being published electronically, we have our own ISSN and hardcopies are being distributed to more academic locations than ever before across the North East of England as well as the six colleges of the NCG group.

We hope you find this edition excels from both an academic and interest point of view, and it becomes the springboard for additional success and growth from 2019 onwards.

Ian Johnston
Assistant Editor


SCAT3 testing for signs and symptoms of concussion in rugby union players
Laura Knight

Theoretical concepts of the Coaching Process
Ian Johnston

Education’s role in physiological, psychological, and sociological influences on adolescents
Holly Harris

Are adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities disadvantaged due to the lack of recreational resources in the North East of England?
Molly Nesbitt

Dyslexia, its effects on learning and mental health, and the strategies to mitigate those effects
Cheryl Wright

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualisation
Heather Broadley

Overcoming Barriers to Secure Network Design
Lewis Stewart

Temperature Monitoring in Low-Voltage Switchgear
Andrew Turner

Design a solution to improve wheelchair efficiency by identifying and reducing the factors that have effect
Steven Johnstone

Weld Adjustment Assist Programme
Robert Renton

Investigating the Fluid Dynamics of a Louvre to Improve the Efficiency of an Airtrack System
Hannah Shepherd