Seven Bridges Vol. 5 (2017)

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Edited by Juliana Gallio and Phil McBride.


Welcome to Seven Bridges 2017!

This year we went for the theme Inspired Progress because we are inspired by the progress of Seven Bridges and the platform it provides for our students to showcase their work.

Seven Bridges is named after the number of bridges that connect Newcastle with Gateshead. It is an ongoing project fostering community, sharing of truth and knowledge, and connecting people. We are proud to be part of this student-led endeavour of authors, peer-reviewers and editors because in a world of raging rivers, the bridges that connect us matter more than ever.

The range of articles this year is broad. Ranging from mental health, through engineering to leadership, but there is a common thread, they inspired the authors. At times we all need a little inspiration, something that lifts our eyes beyond our day-to-day concerns to see a greater vision of hope and aspiration.

We hope these articles enlighten and inspire you in the same way they have done so for us. The Editorial Board of Seven Bridges thank the authors for their work, the peer reviewers for their time and attention and the academic staff who provided key insight and guidance – without this community of contributors we would be forced to walk on water. May Seven Bridges 2017 inspire you all.

Juliana Gallio and Phil McBride
Seven Bridges Editors


Black Mirror and the Cybrid Contemporaneity
Flavio Pereira Senra and Rafael Ottati (Cultural Theory)

Apple Inc. / Technology Sector: Steve Jobs at Apple – the archetypal Transformational Leader?
Juliana Gallio (Business)

How changing perceptions of mental health have impacted on current health care service provision
Robert Fenwick (Healthcare)

Policy differences between mainstream and SEN educational settings
Kirsty Tully (Childcare)

Implementation of aerospace welding at Spincraft-ETG
Ross Winter (Engineering)

Paediatric Videofluoroscopy Chair
Stuart Duffy (Engineering)