Seven Bridges Vol. 4 (2016)

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Edited by Sarah Corrigan, Phil McBride, Matthew Musgrave and Megan Wilson.


Welcome to the 2016 volume of Seven Bridges.

Much like our predecessors, we hope we have continued the tradition of excellence but also pushed to expand content in a more innovative direction. This volume features contributions from a range of areas across the College. Undergraduate and postgraduate students have served as authors, peer reviewers and Editors.

This academic year, the Editors have included a range of creative pieces of work from the School of Creative Industries. Seven Bridges: Creative was developed to provide an outlet for students from an artistic background to present their work on the same platform as those from more traditional academic subjects.

We also believe that the continued collaboration across NCG HE provision will build upon the ethos of Student as Producer and continue to offer opportunities for all involved.

The Editorial Board would like to take the opportunity to thank Emma Brice, Kevin Boyd, Jonathan Eaton, Laura Gower and Cecilia Holmes and Claire Thornton for their help and support throughout this process.

Sarah Corrigan, Phil McBride, Matthew Musgrave and Megan Wilson
Seven Bridges Editorial Board


The Effect of Exercise and Nutrition on Epigenetic Modifications and the Impact on Health and Wellbeing: A Literature Review
Phil McBride

The Reasons Behind Individuals Attending Group Exercise Programmes
Grant Walker

Exploring a Relationship between Increased Lack of Sport Participation in Children and Increase in Single Parent Families
Rachel Williamson

The Technical and Economic Feasibility for Solar Power to Meet the Abu Dhabi Renewable Energy Target By 2020
Jonathan Dryden

Integrating gyroscopic technologies into high-rise building construction
Christopher Malley

The Development of Service Provision for Injecting Drug Users
Justine Riley

How have changes in family life and approaches to parenting affected the services which are currently available to children and their families?
Laura Smart

Self-Knowledge and Human Values in Humanistic Biology Education
Daniel Harris

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
David Jones

Welcome to my Wonderland
Rebecca Reece

Domestic Abuse
Rebecca Robinson

Cambodia Project
Morgan Stephenson

Megan Wilson