The Public’s Perception of Sponsorship in Major Sporting Events

Leonie Rutherford

Newcastle College


Sports Sponsorship has been the marketing tool of choice for companies aiming to reach wide target audiences and to benefit from branding impact globally and nationally (Macintosh et al, 2012). This study proposed to gain an increased understanding of the public’s perception of sponsorship in sports events in the UK whilst focusing on three main factors; brand awareness, corporate image, and consumer involvement. Thirty three participants completed a questionnaire relating to past experiences of sponsorship at sporting events. The findings from this study indicate that there is a strong relationship between sports involvement of consumers whom have a strong association or emotional connection with a particular club or sports team and their feeling towards sports sponsorship. Further findings of the study show that there is a lack of interest in sponsorship by sports consumers, with many of the participants claiming to not be interested in or affected by sponsorship stimuli.

KEYWORDS: Sports marketing, sponsorship, consumer involvement, corporate image, brand awareness.

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Article Data:

  • Author: Leonie Rutherford
  • Title: The Public’s Perception of Sponsorship in Major Sporting Events
  • Issue: Seven Bridges Vol. 3 (2015)
  • Publication date: 01/07/15