Primary Music Education; Creativity, Challenges, and Controversies

Matthew Braid

Newcastle College


This paper looks at the various challenges apparent for primary level music education. Drawing from publicised material and official documentation, it will be seen how a redistribution of funding and services has affected the quality of music teaching across Key Stages 1 and 2. Key issues are given which include an argument for creative practice in the classroom, linking creativity and play and evidence of the benefits is given showing the value of providing musical experience in learning environments. A comparative assessment of curricula guidelines highlights a change in responsibility of learning, and the reduction in Government set support. The development of Music Education Hubs and partnership working strategies, designed to support schools and aid in the implementation of music curricula are shown to be underperforming, mainly through lack of finance and provisions. Concluding the paper sees the various areas brought together providing an assessment of the current situation primary music education is in.

KEYWORDS: Primary education, music curriculum, creativity, finance.

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Article Data:

  • Author: Matthew Braid
  • Title: Primary Music Education; Creativity, Challenges, and Controversies
  • Issue: Seven Bridges Vol. 3 (2015)
  • Publication date: 01/07/15