Genderism Psychology Theories within Modern Society

Nicole Dalziel

Newcastle College


This essay identifies and discusses some of the factors based on Genderism Psychology theories that may affect physical and psychological development of an individual; it then considers the effects on the family and a wider society. The focus for this work is to use a selection of theorists and their theories to demonstrate social conflict between gender, age and sexual orientation. This includes the challenges which are situated by society and how consequences of an individual’s behaviourisms can cause a person to reshape their personality in order to fit into what is considered normality. As a result of using a correspondence of theories from a variety of theorists it supported that sociology can affect behaviour. Therefore it can develop negative outcomes in relation to the impact behaviourism can cause on an individual’s childhood. By the use of comparing and contrasting the different theories it can be determined how a person would react to conflict as they age into adolescence and adulthood based on genderism and sexuality.

KEYWORDS: Genderism, psychological development, social influence, behaviourisms, behaviourist theorists.

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Article Data:

  • Author: Nicole Dalziel
  • Title: Genderism Psychology Theories within Modern Society
  • Issue: Seven Bridges Vol. 3 (2015)
  • Publication date: 01/07/15