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Edited by Jonpaul Heron.


It is with great pleasure I write these few words to introduce you to the inaugural issue of the “Seven Bridges Business and Management Journal” named fittingly after the seven bridges which cross the River Tyne in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, the home city for Newcastle College (NCL) which has kindly sponsored this truly unique student led undergraduate and postgraduate student Journal. I believe you will enjoy the eclectic selection of papers which represent output from students and faculty staff from the MBA Centre which is part of the School of Health and Enterprise at NCL, and which represents active collaboration between students and staff at Newcastle College. We believe this Journal to be unique is that it is truly student led with graduate students being involved in and part of the Editorial process including the review process on submitted papers.

There are seven papers in this launch issue. The first is from Andrew Zuber who completed his MBA studies recently and has since returned to his native USA. His interest was in the management in the TV and Film Industry and this is reflected in his paper.

The second contribution is from Laura Turcato, an Italian student who finished her MA (Management) also recently. She specialized in Tourism and Hospitality studies and her thesis looked at the Italian Tourist industry where she now works.

Our third contribution is from Olga Puga Diaz who hails originally from Spain. She has written a fascinating review of the link between Gender and Bullying in the workplace, which we are sure you will find absorbing reading.

The next paper is from a UK student Aniq Anwar who has written a brief summary of his MBA Dissertation research completed relatively recently and which looks at the special issues around Marketing and SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) for which there is still a dearth of literature.

Quality management in Education is the subject of the next paper from Kelly Miller a MBA graduate-in-waiting who will be receiving her Masters cap and gown at the time of the launch of this Journal – well done Kelly.

Anyone interested in the latest research in the area of Recruitment and Selection will not be disappointed by Patrick Hutchinson’s paper which looks at his research in progress in this area. Patrick is a Lecturer in the Faculty team who look after and work with Masters Students and is currently completing his MSc in Occupational Psychology.

The final paper in the issue is our Guest paper from our sister Journal from over the water at Fort Hays State University (USA). Newcastle College and FHSU have agreed an exchange of papers, and staff are represented on each Editorial and Advisory Board. These editorial boards‟ commitment in promoting and valuing student research on an international basis forms the intention of the partnership in sharing guest papers. The paper from a graduate student has been recommended by the Editor of the FHSU Jerry Spotswood who is Professor and Dean of their Graduate School, and an International Panel member of our Editorial Board. We are sure you will enjoy this more generic paper exploring issues in the language of submission of all the papers – the English language – with all its complexities and confusions.

I do hope you enjoy reading this issue, and I look forward to advising you soon on our second issue planned for near the end of 2013.

Happy reading to you all.
Jonpaul Heron


The Premium Blend: Options for maximising subscription cable content ratings on network television.
Andrew Zuber and Dr Terry Shevels

The sustainability of independent travel agencies in Italy: A case study report.
Laura Turcato and Mohan Namasivayam

Literature review: Gender and workplace bullying.
Gender matters when we talk about Bullying, Harassment and Mobbing

Olga Puga Diaz

Strategic marketing by small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs): A case study summary report.
Aniq Anwar

Quality Management in Education: Generic and personal perspectives.
Kelly Miller

Employee Selection and Development – Research in Progress
Patrick Hutchinson

A Case for Explicit Grammar Instruction in English as a Second/Foreign Language
Guest paper from the Academic Leadership Journal in Student Research
Kent Williams