Editorial Team

  • Phil McBride

    ​I applied to be one of the editors of Seven Bridges to become more involved with the research being conducted at Newcastle College. I see this as an excellent opportunity to further my own knowledge and skills while helping others to develop theirs.

  • ​Juliana Gallio

    I recently moved to the UK, and I am very happy to promote Seven Bridges to whomever wishes to learn more about it. In fact, this is one of the great opportunities of the Editor role. I love our ability to share what we have learnt with others. We are all connected through the knowledge we discover and share with each other. I am a part of that – we all are. What we learn today will shape the minds of tomorrow.

  • Matthew Jarvis

    I became part of the editorial team as I want to empower students to take part in their own research. I have a wide range of interests, particularly in the social sciences. In my own field, education, I am particularly interested in practitioner lead research. I hope to help the journal expand and have a wider base of contributors and readers.​