Call For Papers

​Call for Papers – Seven Bridges Journal

We are the new editorial team behind Seven Bridges Academic Journal, Matt, Phil and Juliana. We are asking for your help to spread the word to all of your students about the Journal, as well as helping with a call for papers and a call for reviewers. As you are aware it is a great achievement to be published in a scholarly journal and we would like you to pass this opportunity on to your students.

About the Journal

Seven Bridges started out as a small scale journal, this year we are again increasing its scope and audience. This academic journal provides a platform for professionals and researchers to produce articles that are hypothetical or theoretical in nature and provide exploratory insights in a range of subjects. 


Submissions should be presented as a Word file, typed in single spacing throughout, using Arial 12pt. Prior to submitting a paper with multiple authors, all authors must have agreed consented to publication.
It is expected that articles will normally not exceed 4,000 words, excluding the bibliography. Literature reviews should not exceed 1500 words but should otherwise conform to the guidelines below. On occasion, the Editor may accept submissions of longer pieces with the agreement of the Editorial Board.

Authors are advised to use a clear style, minimising jargon where possible. Technical terms and acronyms should be clearly defined. UK spellings should be used, unless they form part of a quotation.

Seven Bridges: Creative

This branch sees student’s creative work being given the same credence as the written academic work from other subject areas. The submission process wis similar to the call for papers for traditional academic writing. Students will submit a short biography (no more than 500 words), artist’s statement (no more than 300 words), and a portfolio of 5 to 10 images. The work will then be peer reviewed through a group crit process before successful candidates are selected. 
The successful candidates will then exhibit their work in July at the Seven Bridges launch event which will be attended by professionals and academics. They will also be featured on the Seven Bridges website, and their artist’s statement and blurb will be published within the journal. 

Further information

We have a current deadline of 29th January for submission of work. We would appreciate it if you could direct any students interested to the Seven Bridges website ( where there is a ‘Call for Papers’ link in the navigation. If a student needs more information please direct them to

We are also in need of students to peer-review submissions by the 15th April. This is invaluable for gaining academic skills and it also looks great on a CV; thorough training will be provided. Reviewers will work closely with the editorial board to produce a high quality academic journal.

Thanks for your help in advance.

The Seven Bridges Team: Phil, Matt and Juliana