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Seven Bridges is a journal used to empower student researchers, both across Newcastle College and other institutions, by providing them a platform through which to publish their findings.

Seven Bridges provides an academic platform for students to disseminate innovative work in their field. Seven Bridges publishes both research articles and literature reviews. The Editors are appointed through the NCG HE Student Internship Programme, which provides funded opportunities for students to engage in extra-curricular projects aimed at enhancing the student experience.

Seven Bridges was launched in 2013 as a student journal dedicated to business and management. From July 2014, Seven Bridges has expanded its remit to include a range of disciplines.

From 2015 the new creative branch will be added to highlight the talents from the school of creative industries

The promotion of student research is central to the ethos of Seven Bridges and is reflected in the composition of the Editorial Board and the nature of the publication process. Each article is reviewed by at least two students, with assistance from academic staff, if required.


'Clearly as a student researcher one of the driving forces which moves you to complete your research for your degree award is just that – your degree award. What you need to remember is that there is life after your degree, both personal and professional, and also that an important aspect of research is the dissemination of the results and findings. Publication of research findings either as a single author – you, or as a joint publication with a tutor is an ideal way of not only disseminating your findings but assisting you in your career and in your professional life – Seven Bridges offers you this – the ideal vehicle to get your research work published and your results and findings disseminated to a wide audience. Publication will also assist you professionally as a publication listing on your curriculum vitae will surely do you and your C.V. some good. So, my advice after working with Higher Education students for more than 25 years and also publishing work with them for much of this time is ‘go for it’, and Seven Bridges is here to assist you, with the Seven Bridges support team being here to help.'

Terry Shevels, Development Leader

'Conducting and reading research is one of the most exciting aspects of learning and being a student. The more you read and get involved in research, the more you learn and the more enriched your student experience becomes. In sport we are lucky to have such a diverse range of areas to explore and investigate – from the physical to the psychological, the practical to the theoretical and from the arts to the sciences. Seven Bridges is a place to showcase the great research which goes on in the Newcastle College Sports Section. I would encourage any student of any level to become involved in the journal, whether by simply reading its contents, being on the editorial board or submitting a paper for publication. Research is the foundation of knowledge and I hope that this journal will enhance yours.'

Claire Thornton, Course Leader

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